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Don't just understand philosophy – live it in the open-source revival for the digital age.

You find yourself in an endless forest, walking past trees like rockets. The smell of dry pine about to ignite. You see a deer, and its eyes are trying to tell you something...but what? These are some of the images of philosophy in action – the scenes you will visit and learn from.

For the initiated, Augustine offers an exhortation inspired by the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, yet everyone who struggles will find comfort in the energetic dialogues, essays, and letters within. Philosophy for Any Life embraces topics such as death, fire, chickens, anxiety, the unity of nature, sex, mindfulness, getting out of bed in the morning, anger, habit, resolve, suffering, and judgment all from the point of view of a Stoic philosopher. Thousands of years of ancient wisdom are rekindled in a fresh, modern style.

This isn't your grandfather's philosophy...

...and it isn't his PDF, either – it's a fully-hyperlinked, real-page numbered, searchable, bookmarked, readily-printable, professionally-formatted eBook – the way the future was supposed to be. And it's all free. Print it out, give it away, remix it (CC BY-SA).

If you do pay, I'll send you some extras:

  • Everyone gets a PDF of the entire 326 page book for free: a gorgeous full-color version at a slim 5MB - free
  • ePub good for Kindle, eReader, and mobile devices - $3
  • 12 alternate covers pulled from the stories in the book (as well as instructions on how to swap them out, and wallpapers of the original open-source photographs) - $5
  • a preorder for the Audiobook. - $10

Paperback and Hardcover on Amazon.

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Your friend in life and living well,

Zachary G. Augustine




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